I need a solution. Mono/Stereo Channel coppy


I have the following issue and I didn´t find a simple solution so far. I have a Scarlett 2i4 Soundcard. It has 2 Inputs.
I want to use one for my guitar and the other one for an old synth. My problem is that I can´t seem to seperate both channels inside Cubase. I want to have each signal in a seperate stereo track. This is where my problem starts. It works great with a mono track but I want to have them in stereo tracks to use effects like a stereo delay. What I could basically need is VST that lets me copy right to left or left to right channel. The mono to stereo plugin that ships with Cubase doesn´t has this option. Also I can´t find any other solution inside Cubase or on the net. Any help is much appreciated !

Hello sam3d
you can create a stereo effect track, load a stereo plug in (stereo delay, st reverb, st chorus etc.).
Then in the mono recorded trak assign one of the sends to this effect channel and send some volume to it. Now the effect should be stereo.
You could also export or render the mono track to a stereo track and then load stereo effects in to the insert rack of the channel.

BR - Zibin

Fairly straight forward if I get your meaning correctly.

Press F4

Create a Mono Track assign to the guitar input of your Scarlet - name it GTR

Do the same for the synth selecting the other Scarlet input - Name it Synth

Add an audio track and select stereo

In the inspector on the top left slots under the volume/balance controls - in the middle slot select GTR

Create another stereo audio track and in the selector you can select synth

You will now be able to use stereo plugins in the insert slots. Don’t be put off by the single waveform as it is a stereo track with a mono input.

You can simply use mono tracks and use sends as zibin888 suggests - however all your inserts will be mono.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your solutions. They work well. But I was not perfectly happy with them as they require an additional audio channel. I think I found now a solution that is perfect for me. I came across this free VST called “Dual Panner”. This plugins enables me to mirror the right or left channel. That was exactly what I was looking for. But it was pretty hard to find.