I need a the same mixer setup for every new project. How?

I need a the same mixer setup for every new project. How?

Create an empty project the way you want and save that as a template (File>Save As Template). Then start all new projects using that template.

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If it’s a new project then start with a template.

If you want to transfer settings, i.e. if you have lots of songs from an album that you basically what to have at the same settings there are different possibilities.

  1. Save/load track settings
  2. Ex-/import track archives (needs proper preparations - clean the tracks and all track versions before exporting otherwise all the stuff will be referenced to in the pool. Big problems if you accidentially delete ‘unused files’…!)
  3. Open your mix session (active) plus an umixed one (don’t activate) and play drag + drop to the corresponding tracks (see remark regarding ‘unused files’ - same game here)

I usually use method 2. Track archives can include all group-/fx-/sidechain-routing, so it represents the complete setup. I import them it into an unmixed project and drag all audio to the corresponding tracks and there it is (in case of a consistent production at least): 90% mix done that just needs some refinement (i.e. gate settings/automations/stuff that just this song needs).