i need an advice please

Guys i am new in cubase and recordings but i am a proffesional corss over opera singer


now i have a sound card ESI maya 24bit usb and i use it to record my songs with my shure beta 58 with cubase .

now the trouble i have with when i am recording is when i sing it clips . now i don’t know what is the wrong here i got the amp level of the mic at 0db ( there is not a leveller on the soundcard i do that on the program software) and then i use the mic leveler from cubase … when i sing quitetly and so on is ok but when i project is not good and is clipping … now i am thinking if i change my sound card i can get better sound more clear or if change the microphone will do the job . i am not sure what to do

my logic say’s change the sound card so you get better solid more clear sound cos i don’ think this specific sound card i got is good enough …

Please guys share your thoughts and opinions i will highly appriciate it


you need to use the ESIs panel input level. Turn it down a lot.