I need an update from cubase studio 4.5.2

I need to update my Cubase Studio 4, I am not real sure as to what version I should or could go to. I run an imac with os x 10.6.8. My operating system can be updated up to the current operating system. Also my Cubase Studio 4 does not operate with all of the plugins it came with, somehow updating to the current 4.5.2 version of Studio 4 the plugins got messed up and I am only left with about 10. My question is would that affect any upgrades? Or would the upgrade fully restore all element of Cubase that I am missing? Please I hope someone can help.

As far as your plug ins go, try updating your VST plug ins list, this often will solve missing plug ins. I have CRS on where exactly to find this, but I’ve done it a handful of times. Look in your manual, and I know this info is also on the Steinberg site, as I’ve read it some months back there.

As far as which version to go for, it seems that Steinberg has made it very convenient to buy the latest version, Cubase 8 Pro, you may be ignored for the most part otherwise.