I need audio *.ape encoder for WaveLab 8.0.4

I’m using old version of WaveLab (WaveLab Elements 8.0.4 (64-bit)) and it works well on my Win10. However I downloaded great music as *.ape format. Only VLC MEdia Player can play it. I want it to be played with winamp. SO I want to open whole file in WaveLab and cut music in pieces and save as *.flac format tracks.
But my WaveLab 8 cannot open *ape.
Is there some decoder/encoder addon injection to my current software?
image.png (1920×1080) (ibb.co)

You don’t need WaveLab to do this, use VLC to convert it.
In VLC, from the Media menu, select “Convert/Save”. For the rest, see the docs for VLC.

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You could also use ffmpeg as a batch converter. It is a open source command console program, so its easy to convert many files at once. A very basic command looks like this, but in addition, it has a lot of features you can use during conversion (tags, format parameters.,…):

“C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe -i Input.ape Output.flac”


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Thanks. I did exactly this. And then opened audio with Wavelab Elements 8.