I need Cubase 7 Expanded ? Huh???

I have 7.0.5 installed on my iMac. It runs just fine. I checked iLok and Cubase 7 is there. When I try to update using the 7.0.6_Update.Pkg, I get the message “Cubase 7_expanded not found” ,“You need to have Cubase 7_expanded installed”…

What is going on?

Fixed it. The Installer app isnt smart enough to, or wasn’t programmed to look past where it was originally installed. I had moved the Cubase App inside another folder called music… Imagine the confusion… ; P

You don’t have an ilok with a Cubase license on it.

I wondered about that as well.
Sup wi dat?

Of course I do. And the Cubase license was there on it like I said it was…

Edited: I said iLok… I meant eLicenser… Pardon my grand excuse for being human and in error. The point still stands. Put Cubase back into its original location before you update it.

But Cubase uses another bane upon society known as the “eLicenser”, which is similar to the iLok, only exactly the same.

Still can’t put a Cubase license on an iLok, though.

Ok eLicencer then… I said iLok… I “meant” eLicenser and everyone here knows I meant eLicenser because Cubase uses eLicenser and not iLok… I “get” the rub… Please Pardon the human side of the error. Were done here… :unamused: