Hey everybody.

Does anybody know an app that has high quality drum samples like
iMachine or iMPC, works with virtual midi and has AudioCopy?

iMPC is really nice. I love this app. But it doesn’t support virtual midi
so it’s not really handy.

Can anybody recommend something?

I’ve also got funkbox in use which supplies me with the features I need,
but the sounds are not so good in this case.

There’s gotta be something.

Try Beatmaker 2. Has a lot of other features also.

Thanks for your suggestion.

But I already have it. But there’s something wrong with virtual midi.
It doesn’t respond when Cubasis and BM2 run at the same time.
Plus the standard drum kits of bm2 are by far not as good as the ones
you get with iMPC and iMachine. Sure, there are a lotta kits you can download
from ibeatmaker.com. But that means a lotta work too as the
dropbox import of the kits is not solved that good right now.

Any other tipps?

When Beatmaker and Cubasis become audiobus compatible I think it will solve the virtual midi issue. You might check into Samplr also.

Many thanks for the samplr tipp!
My jaw’s on the floor right now.
If anybody here also didn’t know it yet, have a look at the vid here:

But still I’m hoping for an iMPC upgrade.
It’s perfect for drums.

I’m not in the beats game but DM1 seems to be pretty decent for a free app and it has audio copy/paste. No virtual midi I think.

It has a Midi In! That’s what I’ve been searching for!
You saved my day!

Thank you!!!

Hey, glad I could help. Hope it works out for you until something more desirable comes along.

Here’s another one to look at Da Beats. Drumjam.

I really like Drumjam as it works to fill a number of different uses and it’s on the bus!

Useful for live feel drums and percussion loops, help in creating your own loops and fills, and a drum sound source. If there’s a downside it’s the shortage of electronic kits.

Definitely worth a look but make sure you know what it does before buying.

Seems slightly ironic that the best sounding drum resource on iOS, iMaschine, has been specifically built not to Iet you use it with anything else in the iUniverse… :frowning:

Yeah. But I guess they won’t let go from the idea of a sketchpad
for their desktop app. Same as iMPC.

That wouldn’t be a problem at all when there would be Groove Agent One
for iOS with kit sync. I tranfered all the iMPC and iMachine Kits that are available
right now to Groove Agent One on my desktop and use 'em all the time. :mrgreen:

DM1 just release an ‘audiobus’ version today!