I need help changing the tempo of a song in Wavelab 11

I have a song in Wavelab, and when I turn on the playback speed on the transport and decided to increase the speed to 110. When I hit play it does not play the song. Wavelab sputters and struggles to play the song. When I turn off the playback speed the song plays just fine. I also turned off all the effects in the insert panel.

Please advise what I am doing wrong. Thank you

Are you using version 11.0.30 of WaveLab? Pro or Elements? What method are you using to speed up the song? The option in the Transport?

There is not quite enough info to provide any real help.

I have Wavelab Pro. When I open a song in Wavelab in the center of the screen is the transport controls. The first icon is jog/shuttle, and the next to the right is the playback speed option. So I clicked on the playback speed control and changed the speed. But when I try to play the song after the change, it can’t play the song.

Hmm. I remember a bug early in WaveLab 11 in this area, but it should be working in version 11.0.30. Is that the version you’re using?

Yes that is the version I am using.


PC or Mac, Audio Device ?
even check buffers settings in Preferences Audio Device

Playback speed works fine here with WL 11.0.30
OS X Big Sur with Built-in Audio in MacBook Air

regards S-EH

Try different parameters for the speed options.
BTW, this part has been updated in the upcoming WaveLab 11.1 version.

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I am using Windows 11 with UA Apollo X8 with Thunderbolt. I tried different parameters. and increased the buffer size up to 1024 with no success. At this time, I am forced to go into Cubase to change the speed of a song if needed and then import it into Wavelab.

There is maybe a misunderstanding.
Are you talking about playback speed (time stretching during playback)? Or changing the speed through a process, to get a file with a new speed?

Because in the later case, this has nothing to see with playback and this can’t cause WaveLab to stutter to play the song.
And in the former case, I don’t think Cubase can do it (but I might be wrong, I am no Cubase expert).

I was talking about speeding up a song that is too slow. The original recording drags a little, so the band wanted me to speed up the song a little. Your latest update to Wavelab 11 seemed to fix the problem I was having. The playback speed button now performs as expected.