I need help getting my UR22 and New iMac Working

iMac OS10.9
2.9 Ghz
16 GB 1600Mhz

Cubase AI7

I cannot use Garage Band as it keeps freezing and I keep getting a message: “Sample rate 43174 recognized synchronization Audio and Midi conflict between Garage Band ad external device.”

When I play YouTube videos over the system it always freezes, stops and starts, and the video and sound do not follow one another.

I have downloaded the latest driver, and it says my system should be compatible with Maverick, but it does not appear to be. Any help here would be appreciated. I have tried everything, ending in exasperation. I want to play! Help? Thanks.

I don’t use Garage Band, but in Cubase you need to into the audio preferences and device setup to tell it to use the UR22. This is all clearly explained in the Cubase manual. I use the UR22 and it’s a great little interface.

Same issue here using GarageBand on Mavericks (10.9). It work just fine at the beginning but then keeps freezing with error msg mentioned in the initial post.
I applied the latest driver and that does not seem to help, too.
This is annoying. I think I’ll return the device as I’m not sure there will be a fix on this in the near future.