I need help, I don't know how to write this

I don’t know English, so I did my translations on ChatGpt.
I hope you understand my problem.
Can someone teach me how to write this thing in Dorico? Please.
I can’t seem to figure out how t

o write the part inside the blue area. It would be great if someone who knows could help me out

Hello Beety,

try this: in write mode, select the third beat, press enter, select sixteenth as note length , then, for custom tuplet, select the x:y - option and type 19:4 and enter. Now you can enter the 19 sixteenth notes of this passage.

Follow Bob’s advice. To hide the tuplet number go into properties. To adjust the size of the notes in the run chose the ‘scale’ property. Contrary to your illustration when I tied the second beat F to the grace-note-sized note F in the run, the cue-sized note reverted to normal size. If you want to retain its size as illustrated use a slur and in Engrave mode adjust it to look like a tie.

or as 16’s (19:4) and a laisser vibre tie:

Thank you very much

I will follow your advice, thank you

One way to prevent Dorico from automatically making the tied notes the same size is to change the voice of the quarter note on the second beat. In the accompanying picture, I changed it to a new up-stem voice. To tie it to the first of the cue-sized notes (in the 19:4 tuplet), select the quarter note and then select the first note of the tuplet using cmd-click on Mac or ctrl-click on Windows. Next, press T to tie them. Because there is now an extra voice in that bar, you will need to select the rests and use Edit > Remove Rests.


Nice tip.
Another: You can just select the whole bar with 1 click to hide all the selected rests.