I need help. I mad a little mistake building my DAW.

Hi there!

I could hardly wait my C7. I built a DAW with good parts, I think.

256 MB SSD for system and progs,
2 pcs of 2TB SATA3 Seagate drive for audio projects and libraries both.
16 Gigs of DDR3 1600 MHz RAM
2 pcs of 2GB NVidia graphics card for 4 pcs of 25" screens
Steinberg UR28M soundcard on USB3
Very good PSU and fans etc.

And the big mistake was (now I know):
Motherboard: ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
CPU: AMD FX-8320 3.50GHz AM3+ BOX

Installed W7 Ult. x64, every drivers with UR28M up to date, C7 and all plugins, and I was glad.

So I started to work on this A3+ AMD sh…t. Terrible!
It"s worse than wast the Cubase 3.1 under XP with an M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard (which is quite good).
Simply not enough performance. With very big latency.

I’m thinking about to change the CPU and motherbord simply, without reinstalling Windows and every stuff.

My question is: Can I do this without crashing down the Windows?

Thanks for helpful advices.

Couple of things:
swapping out a motherboard+ CPU without reinstalling Windows is probably asking for trouble, I wouldn’t do that.

However, that CPU should be quite capable of running Cubase. If your problem is latency it’s certainly not a problem with your CPU but with your ASIO drivers/setup.

The onboard soundcard is disabled in BIOS, and no driver installed.
The Steinberg UR28M driver’s installation and configuration is very simple.
I use it’s ASIO driver in C7 only. Fact: The maschine works well by the way. It should work properly as a DAW, but doesn’t have enough resource or power.
Maybe it’s the difference between Intel and AMD?

How big are your projects? How many tracks/plugins, and how CPU intensive are the plugins you use?

i guess you are going for very big setups and massive disk reading when i look to your specs.
your system is probably not the issue there, but the issue is what you expect from it.
most people that i see doing this are spreading the tasks over multiple systems
the answer there for the moment is: Vienna ensemble pro. it is an add-on for a DAW.
it also lets you use multiple computers on a single DAW over LAN
They are for the moment the strongest on cpu loads and balancing also.
do not throw anything away yet, but look for what meets your needs and vep5 is for those heavy setups for most people the best answer
but it is a different way of looking at a setup

look also for reviews and so to get the picture and i hope this is then a usefull reply to your topic

kind regards,

Try taking one card out. Maybe 2 cards creates some DPC latency problems.

Try USB2 port.

Hi there!
Yes, big projects with several audio tracks and VST intruments at same time.
For example: Audio mixing on 30-40 channels, or working with big libraries (EWQL, Spectrasonics, via Kontakt, etc.). It was good on my former DAW (Abit P5 with Intel QuadCore proc.WinXP, Cubase SX 3.1, M-Audio card, SATA1 drives, and 2 graphics cards with 4 screens). I completed several productions with it.

My present DAW has less power than the former s…t :frowning:((((((

in your situation i shouldn’t worry then. you’re allmost there. :slight_smile:
keep the machine and use it, but spread you power over a second system, use VEP, drop one of the big harddrives to the second system and you’re ready to go. :slight_smile:

this guys video (youtube) describes probably your intended goal.
a 300+ track setup for film scoring with C7 (and VEP)

if you have a wife tell her how important you find this and maybe she will buy you an extra machine :slight_smile:

kind regards,

also: it is actually cheaper if you split it over multiple (medium power) systems then on a single one.
If you do this on a single machine you must have overall absolute topspecs.
These machines are very expensive. (multiple 1.000 dollars or euro’s)

for example an unconfigured example:

hi. 1 compatibility with nvidia graphics? 2. pcie x16 for 2 video cards ? 3. update driver usb3 ? compatible driver ur28 ? 4. is the pci bridge lane compatible for ssd and Hd’s ( check MB manufactory) !!! 5. try progs at drive instead of ssd , sure you have program at drive A and files at drive B ? as this can course a major ■■■■-up. when at same drive.
6. are you booting with all processors available? turn all the fancy win7 aero’s off 7. in Cb turn audio boost on ( best settings to find at div forums)
i specially searched for MB with multiple graphic lanes x16 and have Msi 990 fxa-gd80 for the use of 2 graphic cards(
as i had hyper-transport issues ) i have also Amd fx processor and 16 Mb memm. win7.5 x64 . and no problems anymore.