Well im new to Cubase but I have Cubase 8 and I need help bad im trying to record a song and im not a very good singer so im want to use autotune but I don’t know how to get to it I been watching youtube videos and they say use pitch correct but I don’t have that effect on Cubase 8 can someone help me plz !!!

Hi and welcome,

Pitch Correct is not the effect. Double-click to the audio part, you recorded. Sample editor opens. On the left side, click to the VariAudio tab. Analyze the signal. Now, you can tune it.

This might help https://youtu.be/DlY63DG_UwQ

thank you but when I went to the Sample editor on the left side I only have hipoints I don’t have variaudio tab do I have to buy it and if I do where do I go

Even if you cannot sing pitch perfect, reading goes a long way.


If you have the appropriate version, check out the manual.


VariAudio is Cubase Pro feature only.

If you have Elements, Artist or Pro (hint this is good info to include in your signature :wink: ) then you can use the Pitch Correct plug-in. See the Plug-in Reference manual for how to use it.

But I have to say, the Pitch Correct plug-in is not the same, as the VariAudio.

Of course its not the same. But its exactly what the Thread Starter is looking for. Pitch Correct is a realtime effect to correct monophonic material like vocals. Its more like what Antares Autotune is like. VariAudio is similar to Melodyne Essential.

I am curious why you don’t seem to know this plugin.

Well since the OP appears not to have access to VariAudio…