I need help upgrading

Alright, so about 2 years ago I got a second hand Cubase 10.5 Pro license, and I’ve been working with it since, it works just fine I just plug in the dongle to my computer and run Cubase 10.5 Pro all good, but I’ve been thinking about upgrading to Cubase 11.

Is it possible to upgrade to Cubase 11 while only having the dongle? Or would I have to purchase a whole new Cubase license to link to this account?

Yeah you can upgrade with only the dongle, you enter the purchased upgrade code via the e-licenser software and it will check that you have a valid license on that dongle (i.e. Version 10.5) and then apply the upgrade.

I really recommend registering your dongle with Steinberg though, as if you ever lose it, or it breaks you can’t recover it.

Definitely! Steinberg Zero Downtime | Steinberg