I need help using Cubase Pro 8 with EWQLSO.

I recently bought East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra (EWQLSO) and bought Cubase Pro 8 to be my DAW to use with EWQLSO.

What I’d like to do is take MIDI files I’ve created in Finale Songwriter and import them into Cubase Pro 8 and have Cubase Pro 8 use EWQLSO for the sound. How do I do this?

From what I’ve gathered, in Cubase Pro 8 I can select ‘Project’ > ‘Add Track’ > ‘Instrument’, and access EWQLSO’s ‘Play’ software that way, but this seems to be for someone who wants to play a MIDI keyboard and have Cubase record it using EWQLSO as a VST instrument. Instead of performing a MIDI instrument and recording it in Cubase, I want to import an already created MIDI file.

So, do I create an instrument track or a MIDI track for what I want to do? If I use an instrument track, how do I import a MIDI file into this instrument track? If I need to use a MIDI track, how do I get Cubase to play the MIDI file using EWQLSO?

Thank you,

Your almost there, just create a new empty project and import or drag the midi file into the arrange window. Cubase will likely default to halion sonic to play back the midi file so, go to the inspector pane and swap out halion sonic for a play instance, then, load in the library you want to use from the play browser.

I tried what Outsounder said. The problem is when I import a midi file, Cubase defaults to halion sonic se and there is nothing in the inspector pane that I can see. The only thing I know to do is click halion sonic over in the instrument pane on the right side of the screen and it will let me change it to… say… halion 5. But the only thing that happens is I get a popup window asking if I want to discard all changes to halion sonic se. If I click no, nothing happens and it stays with halion sonic se. If I click yes, it changes to halion 5 but then I get no sound when I hit play.

Create a EWQLO instrument track and after you’ve imported the midi file and it’s defaulted to Halion, drag the midi to the EWQLO track.

You won’t be getting the most out of EWQLO by writing the midi in finale. If I was you I’d play in the midi within Cubase whilst listening to EWQLO. Playing the patches is really important because you learn where the different samples layers cross and you can create a more realistic sound by listening to the how the instrument responds as you play it.

how exactly do you drag the midi file to the new instrument? Highlight all the tracks and drag them? or do you drag all the individual track names themselves? What exactly am I dragging and where?

I tried dragging the individual tracks up to where the new instrument is loaded but everything still seems to play through halion sonic se. It’s input still lights up

Just try and get one instrument to work first. Write a viola part in finale and import it to cubase. Make sure you’ve loaded the viola sound in EWQLO and you’re able to either play a midi keyboard and hearing it or using the virtual keyboard.

Once the midi file is in cubase and you have the EW instrument loaded you really should be able to just drag the part to the track and play it.