I need help with a Macro

On the Artist Mix, there’s an insert button on the leftt side that pulls up the complete menu for the plugs to be inserted. There is no such button on the MC Control. Instead you have to go through a series of procedures:

  1. Select Channel
  2. Press the Insert button
  3. Press both page buttons at the same time to enter config mode
  4. Press insert again to pull up the menu

WTH? Why can’t I just have an insert button, like the one on the Mix Module?!!?

Since I don’t have the option, I’m trying to right a one touch macro that will achieve the same goal. Can anyon tell me which Eucon Commands in which order, I’ll need to get a ONE BUTTON OPTION to open the insert menu the same way you cn do this on the Artist Mix?


Well for me, on the artist Mix, the process is the same as the MC Control to get to the plugin list
on the Mix:
select channel
hit insert button
press both config buttons
hit the top knob to select what slot to insert the plugin
Then the list shows up in the Mix window where you can page through the plugins to select.
its the same for the MC.
How are you doing all that with one button press on the mix?

I’m not. I don’t own the Mix. I was basing my statement on a Euphonix Tutorial I downloaded. The guy only pressed the insert button and then started scrolling thru the menu. CLEARLY THEY LEFT SOME STEPS OUT. :blush: So, thanks for clearing that up. Why is it that ONLY the big dollar controllers (MC Pro/Tango/id, etc.) offer this feature?