I need help with CUBASE AI 5 can anyone help

I recently bought a Yamaha Audiogram 6 that came with Cubase AI 5. I never used any recording hardware. All I am trying to do is play guitar and sing with recording the best sound I can, with what I have. So I’m like a lost puppy out here. I’m having issues with my setup and I’m trying to record some tracks, but I have a feeling that my music is traveling through the computer instead of through my audiogram. I’m having real bad feed back. I’m guess my setup is wrong. Please send me in the right direction. Thank you



There are always 3 things to do when you install Cubase:

  1. Select the drivers of your audio interface in Cubase:
    Devices->Device Setup-> VST Audio System-> ASIO Driver

  2. Asign the ports of your audio interface to Cubase in-/output busses:
    Devices-> VST Connections -> Inputs
    Devices-> VST Connections -> Outputs

  3. Select the corresponding in-/output bus in the inspector of each audio track you create
    Hope that helps. :slight_smile: