I need help with le 5!!!!

So when I open Cubase, it pulls up to the screen where you chose to open a project start a new one etc. When i pick the one i want all that comes up is the console with the record, play, and stop buttons. What am I doing wrong? I’m new to Cubase and i got it with my Tascam 1800. Thanks!

That’s odd, sounds almost like the newly opened project opens outside your screenspace. Do you work with multiple screens?

No I don’t. I emailed support and they told me to delete the preferences and that still didn’t help. I’m clueless.

You don’t give any specifics of precisely what you’re trying to open, you don’t provide complete system specs, and you haven’t done any research on the forums to try and find your own solution, for starters. Other than that, anything’s a guess.

When i open Cubase LE 5 It comes with a prompt that asks you to either Open a Project,Create a new Project, Quit, or Help. When I click “New Project” its pulls up the New project template Window. When I pick which one i would like to do. Nothing happens. The console Comes up with The play, stop, pause buttons. But thats it. Im running Windows Vista on a dual core processor. 10 Gigs of ram. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still nothing. That Better. Sorry

When you select one of the templates in the New Project menu – such as Empty, default, mastering etc., do you then get the next menu box Select Directory/Set Project folder to let you put the folder where you want it? If that is working, do you then get a blank project window where you can right-click in the dark grey area to add an audio or other track?

Don’t worry crispy, I am having the same EXACT problem. Plus, I bought this and need to buy the extra mp3 encoder, what a scam!

O.K. Per ‘crispy’ =

  1. We Open Cubase LE5–>Open Document Options pops up.
  2. Open New Project—> Templates opens.
  3. Open a Set Projects folder—> my desktop opens(?)

When we open a folder, there is no audio to choose from. Like I said up top, I have to buy the MP3 Encoder? What?!? I may return this program and audio interface and buy one that works, I don’t have to buy more product, and I get to talk with a real person when I need to.

Any Ideas?

Crispy<— Areyou working with pre recorded or trying to record now?

I don’t see the forum full of people not being able to get the software to work so it has to be something you’re doing wrong. Instead of hijacking someone else’s thread throwing a tantrum, you’d get better help if you changed your approach. You complaining about a demo version of anything that you got for free having reduced features makes me laugh. Your first sentence in the above quote says it all. Try reading the Getting Started manual and watching the tutorial videos before coming here and throwing your toys out of the pram.

When the Select Template window opens which template are you selecting?

If you select the Empty Project template, then what you get is exactly what you describe- an empty Cubase desktop and only the transport toolbar. If you select one of the other templates you should get a mix of audio and instrument tracks in your project.

If this doesn’t happen with the other templates, then I suspect there is something wrong with your template installation.

In any case, it’s a simple matter to add tracks to a blank template.

O.K. First of all, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hijack someones thread. I just can understand exaclty what crispy is going through. Also, I am so frustrated trying to learn this new program when I had no problems with my old (outdated) one.

Now, if I may, crispy, I have been trying to flirt with this program for a few days now. I have firgured out how to add pre recorded tracks into Cubase LE5. Let me know if you haven’t yet. Now, as far as recording, I think I have it all figured out except multi-track arming. Anyone got any ideas?

Thank You.

Watch this video and other Cubase 4 – Le4 video’s


Do searches (top right)

and read the manual :wink:

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