I need help with tracks on Cubase LE 4

I have been using my Yamaha MD4S multitrack recorder for a few years now but I wanted to start recording on my computer. I bought an Alesis Multimix 8 USB mixer/interface from a friend of mine and it came with Cubase LE 4. I got it all set up and going but Im stuck with something. When I plug my guitar into channel 1 on my mixer, it comes through every channel on Cubase. Can or how can I assign channels ? I want what ever is in mixer 1 to only come through 1 channel, mixer 2 to come through another channel ect… on Cubase so that I can record vocals, guitar, bass, and drums all at the same time but on seperate channels. Someone PLEASE help me !!!

From what I can see the older version only sends the stereo out from the mixer. I believe the newer “2.0” version has what you are looking for.

If you do have the 2.0 version maybe this will help …


Scab is correct the multimix usb is a usb 1.1 device and only supports stereo out and in to the computer.