I need to downgrade from Cubase AI 8 to 7

I have been trying to send an inquiry trough the form in mysteinberg but the mail could not be sent because some fields couldn’t recognize the answer, so I’m posting my request on here.

I bought a Yamaha Audiogram 6 and along came the Cubase AI software to install. I did it and activated the Cubase AI 8 version (which was detected by the installer). Unfortunately the program won’t start because it said it requires the Aero Theme from Microsoft (which was already in use).
After many times I tried to fix it I noticed that the required system was asking also for a higher resolution that my pc and screen cannot reach (1366x768). My system can get at 1280x1024 at his maximum.

So I think the real problem is the resolution, and not the Windows 7 theme used.

I checked and noticed that in Cubase AI 7 requires 1280x800 which is acceptable. But now, how can I downgrade the software in order to use it?

Hi and welcome,

Download the ISO image (the full installer) of Cubase AI 7, here. You can run Cubase AI 7 with your Cubase AI 8 license. So just install it, and run it.

Hi I have been have the exact same problem. How can I downgrade to cubase AI 6?
This whole thing has been a nightmare. Please help.


I don’t think upgrading from one version to another deletes the old version. It just adds the new version. So, if you upgraded from AI6 to AI8 both programs should be installed and available for use. Try to find the AI6 program icon and see if it still works. It should. :wink:

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I dont have Cubase AI 6. I just bought a UR44 and when I went to download the software I was forced to download AI 8.
Which isnt working on my computer. Its an older laptop and Im pretty sure the video card doesnt support AI 8.



You can download Cubase AI 8.0.5 ISO here.