I need to lock N10.3 to an external device via timecode

I’m hoping someone can shed some light as things in Nuendo 10 have changed from what I’m used to.

In the past, I’ve taken a portable rig on site to mix on location. The video server has a TC input. I output TC from my laptop into the server TC in, and chase my Nuendo TC. I can’t see where I would set this up in N10.3, I remember (its been a few years now) selecting the output for my Nuendo TC, which would be an analogue channel, then feet that to the device I want to chase to the TC. I’ve looked everywhere in N10, and can’t find where I would set that up. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I fly out in a few weeks and need to get this sorted…

Set the settings in the project synchronization setup in transport.
If there is no additional clock for TC output, a small and simple device like midronome requires Nuendo to have a track to send MIDI TC. Use smptegenerator, the MIDI TC plug-in.
It is worth reminding that MIDI TC may have errors

That is correct.

In your project, create a track, on which you insert the TC generator.
Create an extra analog output on your soundcard and => Chasing device.
Route your TC Generator track to that output.


Thanks for your help. It’s all coming back to me now. Getting old sucks!