I need to make quicktimes quickly and easily

Yep this is missing. Used to have it in Digital Performer
Bounce to disk -> Quicktime movie
of the selected range



Seriously, I think it’s about time that Cubase have that bounce to movie fonction.

Replace audio in video is useless for exporting a single movie scene. This is an essential tool. Not normal that we need another DAW to do this.

I have to use PT just to bounce a movie scenes also.

In total agreement. This is just a re-post on Advanced Cubase Users Group.

For those of us working with video, how awesome would it be to be able to bounce the mix of the cue you’ve just finished writing and the dialogue track you’ve been referencing to a Quicktime within the locators in the project window? You know, like you can in Protools and Logic. Seems so practical, and efficient, and obvious.

Does anyone from Steinberg ever respond to these comments?


I always use Format Factory a freeware coding sw .you can render separate Audio and Videofilmes to any wanted Format.




+1. This is mostly a professional use feature that’s a must have for cubase and nuendo, and the lack of it has pushed me into looking at other daws


Still crying out for this. +99999999999999999999

It drives me nuts having to open QT Pro and Add to Movie at the right spot - or at least the right spot plus two frames because QT Pro in Windows is so shonky.

My tears of laughter are turning to tears of frustration.

Could you expand a bit, on this process?


Yep, +1

Hi GTBannah.

Sure. I believe it is a “quirk” of the QT Pro app (on Windows at least)(?).

To pass a preview video with my sound to clients I export the audio from Nuendo, noting the timecode position I exported from. I then open Quicktime Pro, open the original video, go to Show Movie Properties, delete the Sound track from the movie properties, go back to the main movie viewer screen, locate the timecode position I want to drop in at, move the pointer an additional two frames to the right with the right cursor key (if I don’t do this step the audio I lay in plays approximately 2 frames early), open in QT Pro the audio I exported earlier, select all and copy, go back to the movie, then Add to Movie, then either select the portion of the movie I want to share, paste into a new MOV, or save as-is, or export to a new format like MP4 or other.

I’m quite adept at doing this now, but I’d much prefer to hit “Export to Video” in Nuendo, given that I do this maybe 10 times a week, more often when working on short material back-and-forth.

Is that enough information on the process GTBannah?



+1 Logic can do this, too

Sorry for the late response! I’ve been on other stuff for a while.

Just reading that made me DIZZY! It is so roundabout!

I came over here from Pro Tools because of unpredictable , un-explainable error messages and, more topically, erratic refusal to import audio from video files.

The “bounce to video” function is indeed a necessary and professional “basic” feature; and this is coming from a mere hobbyist post person at this time.

or even if not quicktime (which is a wrapper with costs to license) - an open standard such as mpeg 4. Just discovered this thread. I agree, quite a significant feature gap to not have such a basic ability for handling vision-in-bounce.

The video on the web site mentions, “Render In Place”, among the highlights.

Nope! That doesn’t apply to Video, only audio. Still hoping, though …