I Need Votes For A Remix Contest, Please! Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I made a remix of a song by the great Dutch trumpet player Eric Vloeimans for a remix/cover contest.
The song is called Maceo. I kept most of the original song and added some saxes and percussion.
The tenor sax solo is me as well.

You can listen to my remix here: http://www.duvelvibes.nl/site/challenge/profiel/Horn%20For%20Hire.1027.html

Please give me a vote (‘Stem op deze track’ -> ‘Breng je stem uit’) when you like it! :slight_smile:



Cool piece and nice work, Wim.

I think I voted for you. I clicked on a couple of things - but I wasn’t sure of myself 'cuz everything was
either woefully misspelled - or it was another language. :mrgreen:

I think I voted also. You should clarify what to press for a vote. Good playing there.

You need to register first!

Hi Wimm, Well I registered, logged in and “think” I voted for you. Hope you win. It’s not in English and I do not speak the language.

I voted. I had no issues getting registered. Maybe it’s because I’m part Norwegian. :laughing:

Good luck!

Thanks guys! :smiley:

To vote, you have to click: ‘Stem op deze track’ and then: ‘Breng je stem uit’.


Voted :slight_smile:
Nice remix, I’m afraid I don’t know the original track. Should I? :confused:

This is a good opportunity to use Google Chrome, it can auto translate to your language pretty well… its all i use it for…

Will cast a vote for you Wim!

Cheers :sunglasses:

Thanks! :slight_smile: