I need your expertise

I have been making music and putting/syncing this music into TV series using Nuendo for a long time. I wanted to consult you because I thought maybe I didn’t know the 2 features I expected in every update. The first of these is, for example, 20 different tracks I made for a TV series, and their stems are hosted in the project pool, and I edit each episode by pulling them from the Pool to the project. Is it possible to colourise the Pool to make it easier to visually detect?

My other and more important question is, let’s say a mix consists of 10 stems. Sometimes I only use the parts without drums and bass guitar, sometimes I use the parts of the mix that give a feeling of action, and sometimes I only use the texture and solo cello parts. After a while, these can become individual tracks on their own. I want to use these edits that have become the tracks as a mix file. However, the important point is that they must be available like a Clip Package to be able to pull them from the Pool and edit them when necessary. Let’s think of Clip Packages, which we can create in this way, but just like snapshots which do not contain newly created audio, and when we call the project from the Pool, Snapshot Clip Packages are created with already existing files. Is this possible? Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

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HI Atakan,

i dont know if i understand your requirements correct but maybe Track Archives are a workaround for you?


Thank you for the reply Marcel, but I need a bit different than importing. I’d like to create many different sub-mixes with stems (for example the original mix has drums stem but the sub-mix does not and at some point brass stem is muted for instance), take this arrangement as a snapshot and name it, then drag&drop to the main Nuendo page that snapshot from the Pool like a Clip Package (When you create a Clip Package, Nuendo export again every stem that used and this causes it to take up a lot of space. I’m talking about just a snapshot)

Thanks again