I need your opinions / votes

Hello. I need some feedback and your opinions about a song I (we) are working on at the moment. We have a small disagreement within the band which bass version of this song we should use. Therefore, it would have been nice to have some external “help” - this forum and you guys here :slight_smile:

Here is the song (the lyrics is in Norwegian, don’t get hung up on it :slight_smile: ) Which (bass) version do you prefer. In advance thank you!



Again, thanks! :slight_smile:

I prefer the first one.

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The first One. The bass groove is more interesting and better suited to the very dynamic music genre.

Cool Song Guys, even if I don’t understand the words.

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I hope my opinion doesn’t bring you even more issues:

I prefer the bass line of the first version. I find the line of the second one too common, with that rise from the 5 to the 1 à la Another Brick in the Wall. But I like the pauses of the second version, although I would play less pauses than this version. Some pauses in strategic points could do good to the groove. And in general, I know that is probably a premix or a preproduction version, but in the final one I would rise a couple of dB the bass.

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The first one

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I like the first one better - by quite a lot.

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Just want to say thank you very much for all the feedback here on the forum. It is very much appreciated! Thanks to you, it is now clear which version we will choose.

I will take down the dropbox links shortly

Greetings from Oslo, Norway :slight_smile:

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the second one?

och, och, och.

No :slight_smile: