I never had the need to resize faders

But since C7 I’m really getting good use out of my G + H keys. I’ve got the faders on their smallest width. Until i need to do something with my inserts or sends or channelstrip, then i need to blow them up to teletubbie dimensions.
In order to get them back to their smallest width after that. The c6 fader dimensions where fine. And the rest of the mixer had perfect dimenions/font size, readabillty etc too.

Can we please get a mixer view that caters for all functions on 1 resolution?

Why?! It’s more flexible this way?

You want it small? Make it small. You need big? You make it big.

Besides that: there can be so much information on the MixConsole nowadays, that 1 view won’t work at all!

I don’t want them big, their smallest size is still wider than c6
I don’t want to “zoom in” in order to use my insert and send slots in the same way as c6 and “zoom” out once done.

The whole resizeable soft GUI looks worse and increases mouse activity.
Cubase mixer was as razorsharp as NI MASSIVE, now it looks as soft and ugly as U-he Diva

Use C6 then, I like the new look, couldn’t go back.

I’ve paid for 7, there is stuff in there i like, but i didn’t ask for this badly designed mixer

It’s a good mixer just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it bad, only different, get used to it.

It’s not a good mixer it’s an eyesore, takes too much screen estate teletubbie faders, badly readable inserts and sends
Laggy latency feeling gui, huge empty areas stealing screen estate. It’s badly designed, period
The idea behind it is good, but the execution is really sub par.

You are of course entitled to your opinion.

Thank god you’re still positive :wink:

I do see potential :wink: