I-Notes, O-Notes, and Pitches diagram incorrect in Manual

Current Manual in Cubase Elements 10 has incorrect diagram under I-Notes, O-Notes, and Pitches under Drum Maps.
I-Note for Bass Drum should be A1 (not C1 as in diagram) and O-Note should be B0 (not C1 as in diagram)

thanks, Andrew


I reported this to Steinberg.

As a Forum Elder, is it against protocol for me to ask you to have a look at another post of mine. I am new to this whole Cubase thing and have an issue with recording MIDI and triggering Groove Agent SE5 as indicated in my post Feb 06 “Cannot Get sound in Cubase 10 EL from Yamaha DTX900 or DTXpress4”. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. I did not mention in my post that I also cannot record any MIDI data even though I can see MIDI in activity in transport bar.