I/O converter/interface, something to consider Steinberg?

I for one would in a heartbeat buy it if Steinberg/Yamaha released a 16 analog i/o converter/interface with no preamps attached, for the studio that has enough preamps already. And this of course would work seamlessly with Cubase 7/8/9 and so on and so forth. All other solutions like this on the market today, as far as I know, has so much extra software coming with it, mixers and stuff, that I really dont need or want. I want to do my routing and mixing in Cubase. An extra software mixer just makes things unclear and messy to me. The only other converter/interface solution without all this extra software Im aware of is from SSL. And while they sound great when up and running, they are a pain to set up, and they dont release new drivers, so they dont support the 2-3 latest Mac OSs or Windows 8/8.1. And as far as I know they don`t plan to release new drivers either. So I really see a potential market here for Steinberg/Yamaha, especially now that Cubase has gone PRO. Something to consider, yeah? :slight_smile: