I/O on performer not visible in Connect Pro

Hopefully someone has some insight that can help me out. I am trying to set up a session with another musician in his home. He has a presonus 1810-C and is using the free VST Connect Performer on his end. We are able to make a connection, However when his interface comes up in VST Connect on my end (and on his side), it appears we can only access one output, and he can hear my talkback only on the left side. As well, none of his inputs appear in VST Connect. We are both on Mac OS Monterey

We see no reason why this should not work. But we have too few details, such as what exactly is shown in the menu listst on either side.
In some cases, the audio interface software (control panel) allows to set which ports to use; also we recommend to make sure that no other applications are running on the Performers’ machine while using VST Connect.