i/o on track inspector too many stereo outputs listed.

I am using a rme hdsp 9652 pci audio interface. Lots of channels need setting up in VST connections so they are available for the Audio track I/O in the inspector. The problem is that the track I/O (input/output) has been redesigned and this is what I now get for:

Mone 01
Mono 02 (up to)
Mone 24
Stereo 1-2
+Stereo 1-2
Stereo 3-4
+Stereo 3-4
Stereo 5-6
+Stereo 5-6
Stereo 7-8
+Stereo 7-8
and on and on up to Stereo 23-24.

As you can see it is very hard on the eyes to find the correct stereo output or input because you have to find the correct one as they are doubled up.

I don’t need to see both the Stereo 1-2 and +Stereo 1-2.

If I wanted to use a Mono output I would not open the + and use the +Stereo 1-2 Left,
I would use Mone 01 as its much easier.

I would like the option of only having one set or Stereo 1-2 / +Stereo 1-2.
you could give us the option of clicking on +[Stereo 1-2] for a stereo output and just clicking on the [+] sign to set the Left or right hand side of the output. As at the moment when I am looking for a stereo output clicking on +[Stereo 1-2] will not do anything unless I only click on the [+] sign to open up the Left or Right sides menu.

I do like the smaller text for the I/O like I have said my only problem is I am getting snow blind with everything doubled up.

What do you think?