I only like to download via VPN ("disguises" my computer): am I out of luck with C12 Pro upgrade?

As per the title of this post …

Thanks for any info :slight_smile:

I believe it makes no difference if a VPN, or any kind of server connection is used.

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Thanks for that!

However, I can’t help but think, since the VPN “disguises” the computer ID, Cubase might think the VPN user was trying to install/use it on a new (perhaps fourth and therefore unauthorized) computer.

Is anyone here starting up Cubase 12 Pro on a VPN? What are your thoughts and experiences?

Thank you!

The system does not “call home” except for license transactions, and will happily run offline forever once a license has been activated. So whether you are online or offline, using a VPN, tor, remote server, or cans and string Cubase doesn’t know.

edit well if you use the hub it will go online to fetch its content.

Ok, thanks. That’s not intuitively obvious to me, but I’m fine with that! :slight_smile: :smile:

Edit: Not sure about the “hub” comment added as an edit …

The hub loads a mini web page inside itself with the content and links that are displayed in it.

It all works fine through a VPN. I did my whole upgrade while I was connected to mine (AirVPN), and the Hub connects just fine with it on too…

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Thanks @Monotremata !

A VPN does not disguise the computer ID in any meaningful way. It disguises who your ISP (internet service provider) is – e g, instead of saying “it’s AT&T” it will say “it’s NordVPN.”

If you’re trying to watch Netflix from another country, or if you’re a dissident journalist in a totalitarian state, this may be meaningful.

If you’re just doing regular web surfing, there’s essentially no additional security from using a VPN provider, and there’s plenty of performance problems added at times. Plus, you now have to trust the VPN provider. Some VPN providers might be owned by middle-men for the Russian federal security bureau – how do you know yours isn’t one of them?

Anyway, Cubase uses a different mechanism to figure out the “ID” of your computer than something as ephemeral as your IP address. Your ISP can (and many do) re-assign your IP address frequently anyway, so any system that relies on this being permanent is doomed from the start – nobody would build this.

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