I opened 7.5 after some time...

Today I opened my old session i 7.5 after maybe more than a year.
The feeling was like I took new glasses. It is so gorgeous, colors and look and feel was
amazing. The fonts and the whole software is so sharper than 8.5 that I couldn’t believe…
I don’t know if you guys dig the look of 8.5 but for me there is no comparison…

Imo 7.5 with all the new features would be the ultimate daw!!!

There are many thoughts/topics about this in our forum. Just search a bit. Here is the one I submitted.


BTW… I have gotten used to the look of CB8 but… I still like the “look” of the CB 7 series better. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

that’s why i am staying on it.

I probably would too if it had the “Render In Place” function (I now use it quite often).

Regards :sunglasses:

Maybe they should go Widows only to jettison the daft Mac lite task bar and windows handling system - where most of the objectionable changes have come from… Me? I concerned they might go the other way.