I opened the .midiremote data in a different appli

I opened the .midiremote data in a different appli

cation. Is there any way to fix it?

Sure, check this:

My MIDI Remote was working fine until now.
But suddenly it stopped working.
When I opened the MIDI Remote manager, the script file extension was “.json”.
Is this correct?
When I export the script file, the extension is “.midiremote”.
So I searched for “.midiremote” in my PC.
Then I found “Native Instruments_Maschine Jam.midiremote” (I use Maschine Jam for MIDI Remote) and tried to load it.
Then it says “Please choose how to open this .midiremote file”.
What should I do?

From what I see in the screenshot, the midi remote surface is already at the correct place and active.
There must be another reason that it doesn’t work. You may want to check your MIDI ports.

My script file extension is “.json”, is this correct?
When I try to export the script file, the extension is “.midiremote”…?

My other MIDIs are working perfectly fine.
Maschine Jam, which I use for MIDI Remote, also works fine if I give it a new script.
I have a total of 127 MIDI Remote scripts for Maschine Jam.
I have to re-create those from scratch,
So I am trying to import the previous data.


Exactly. Then, you can import this file, using the Import Script at the Scripts tab of the MIDI Remote Manager.

Thank you very much.
I was able to import the file, although it was an earlier file.

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Not sure what I wrote there, but glad I helped! :slight_smile:


do have script that utilises the faders on the maschine jam

Do you know the Controller Editor?
Send Controller Editor data.
Buttons other than the Shift key can be used as remote keys.
However, it cannot be used as Maschine jam originally.
Configuration.zip (213.8 KB)

I have nothing in my controller editor just 2 maschine jams what exactly do need me to send
is the configuration zip the remote script for the jam

In order to control Cubase with Maschine Jam, you’ll need the controller editor. Are you familiar with the remote scripts for Jam? By launching Configuration.ncc on Maschine Jam and configuring the MIDI settings(with Cubase)., then loading Native Instruments_Maschine Jam.midiremote in Cubase, you’ll be able to set up numerous scripts (128 in total) with Maschine Jam.
Maschine Jam.zip (253.0 KB)

Is it difficult?

yes it is. i am use to maschine but new to cubase. i would appreciate more know how please. i have two jams and all i really want is the faders working but everything else is a bonus

sorry i must be doing something wrong. i can see the jam in the midi setup.and it works as a vst but the remote script don’ts work

It’s difficult to explain all of this. Please refer to the following page of the Cubase 13 manual.

Please use the red lines and red frames in the images as references.

If you have the Controller Editor data for the Maschine Jam that I sent you, as well as the Surface data and Script data for Cubase 13, you will be able to do what you are thinking of without fail.

Is it difficult to understand?

thanks for the help.
i found out my jam not working in midi mode bought another one hope that works

I had a hard time with it, but I’m sure you’ll be able to get Machine Jam to work with MIDI remote. If you give me some time (after August), I’ll give you a more detailed video explanation.