I opened the .midiremote data in a different appli

I opened the .midiremote data in a different appli

cation. Is there any way to fix it?

Sure, check this:

My MIDI Remote was working fine until now.
But suddenly it stopped working.
When I opened the MIDI Remote manager, the script file extension was “.json”.
Is this correct?
When I export the script file, the extension is “.midiremote”.
So I searched for “.midiremote” in my PC.
Then I found “Native Instruments_Maschine Jam.midiremote” (I use Maschine Jam for MIDI Remote) and tried to load it.
Then it says “Please choose how to open this .midiremote file”.
What should I do?

From what I see in the screenshot, the midi remote surface is already at the correct place and active.
There must be another reason that it doesn’t work. You may want to check your MIDI ports.

My script file extension is “.json”, is this correct?
When I try to export the script file, the extension is “.midiremote”…?

My other MIDIs are working perfectly fine.
Maschine Jam, which I use for MIDI Remote, also works fine if I give it a new script.
I have a total of 127 MIDI Remote scripts for Maschine Jam.
I have to re-create those from scratch,
So I am trying to import the previous data.


Exactly. Then, you can import this file, using the Import Script at the Scripts tab of the MIDI Remote Manager.

Thank you very much.
I was able to import the file, although it was an earlier file.

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Not sure what I wrote there, but glad I helped! :slight_smile: