I ordered CB6.5 upgrade & CB6 arrived!

Hello all.
As the subject matter states; has anyone had this happen to them? If so, what process did you go throught in order to get your proper product?

I just got the package today and I’m anxious to load it but, I don’t want to crack the box if I have to send it back.

Any feed back on this issue would be helpfull.

Thanks in advance.


I just purchased a 6.5 upgrade version and received a 6.0 package. As it states on the Steinberg online shop page (although I ordered mine from Sweetwater) you may receive either version.

When I entered the authorization code in the eLC it showed a 6.5 license right away.

I then downloaded and installed the 6.5 update from the Steinberg site and all is well.


Edit: You do need to install 6 from the disk first, though.

Thank you both for the speedy reply.

This makes me feel much better that I don’t have to go through the return process.

One question though…Why would they say CB 6.6 upgrade and send CB6… Gives the impression of a false advertisement but none the less I got what I paid for.
I guess this will work for the CB6.5.4 upgrade as well?

Now I can get back into my music from a long hiatus.
Again Thanks for your help.

Happy producing!!!

They just need to ‘get rid’ of the 6.0 boxes without having to destroy them - and you do get what you paid for… It has nothing to do with false advertising, because it is stated in the shop that you could get a 6.0 box.

6.5.4 is a regular update (latest supported one is 6.5.3 though!) so that can be downloaded. Unlike 6.5 which was a paid upgrade from 6.0 with extra functionality for those who wanted it.

Thanks for your input. I should have read the fine print before I made the thread.
I’m sorry and thank you simutaniously!