I own Spectralayers Pro 7 AND now One. Can I use both on different PC?

I already own Spectralayers 7 Pro. I bought Cubase 11 and it comes with Spectralayers One. I have Cubase elements on home PC and am trying to get One installed and registered on the dongle for Elements at home while still having Pro on my PC in the studio dongle. But I don’t see a separate serial for One. Is it the case that One works only inside Cubase 11? Shame, since I bought it and can’t use it since Pro seems to overpower it! Thanks.

Does it really matter? I’m kind of surprised you care about the bare-bones One now that you have the tricked-out SL 7 Pro installed, unless, of course, you’re trying to avoid having to buy a separate SL license for another PC.

Regardless, I didn’t miss Elements after I installed the SL7 Pro upgrade.

I don’t think you understand the question. Yes, I want to have 2 separate versions available on 2 different PCs at 2 different locations without having to take my main dongle from one place to another. I paid for 2 versions already after all. Being pedantic, I bought Cubase 11 which includes a basic version that I got as a “bonus”. I am asking can I use that outside of Cubase 11 on a different machine without the Cubase 11 dongle. I doubt it, since there seems to be no individual serial number in my list of products. Yes, I am trying to avoid buying another license, because I already did buy another product that comes with a basic license, no crime in that.

You could have cubase 11 and spectral layers one on one dongle

And spectral layers pro on the other dongle

That’s all.

Spectral layers one license is included in cubase 11 and not separatable.

So you can have them at 2 locations but only as mentioned above

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Thanks. A good workaround. In my case, I prefer to keep Pro on main studio machine so will just do without One. Ed