I Pagliacci - Intermezzo

This is Cubase 8.5 Pro 64bit, HSO 24bit and a orchestral harp from another company since orchestral harp is not included in HSO.

I used Combis as instruments in seperate instances of HSO and multiplied each voice by the amount of players in each section. So, the French Horn entrance is 2 simultaneous MIDI notes at B2 and 2 simultaneous MIDI notes at B3 to cover the 4 French horns in the score divided into 2 staves.

This is probably opposed to what would be the regular approach of just playing a single MIDI note at B2 and B3 with the Tutti Combi as an instrument. The reason is that I get more gain per instrument, but the jury’s still out on this being beneficial.

The movement has been edited and mastered for full drammaticamento


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