I paid for an upgrade to Dorico Elements 5 tonight but when I installed it, the program loads SE

I paid for an upgrade to Dorico Elements 5 tonight but when I installed it, it defaults SE 5.
I see this happened in another thread, but the person resolved it and didn’t say how unfortunately.
Any suggestions will be helpful, I’ve gone through the cycle maybe 8 times.
I’m using the correct access code, fully paid, confirmed, DL’d the recommended.
Thank you, first time poster and I’m hoping i’m not simple referred to the search function, I did before I posted this.

Welcome to the forum.

See, Dorico Pro, Elements and SE share the same binary, that means one and the same executable file can act as different versions, it only depends on the license you have.

So when you purchased the upgrade to Elements 5, did you receive a new activation code and have used that in Activation Manager. What does Activation Manager say, what license(s) are activated?

As Ulf says, I hope you will find that once you run Steinberg Activation Manager and click the “refresh” button in the top right corner, you should see your new Dorico Elements license appear. Make sure that Dorico Elements is activated and Dorico SE is deactivated, and that should take care of it.

Hello Forum,
I, too, am having problems with the upgrade from 5SE to Elements. I’ve followed all the steps but I’m obviously not completing the process. All the green boxes are checked in the download assistant and the activation manager indicates that Dorico Elements 5 is activated. I thinks that there is a final step I’m not completing. Any help, please?

Have you gone to the SAM (Steinberg Access Manager) to check the status of your licenses? They may be set to prefer the SE access until you disable that in favor of Elements. (Sorry if I am but repeating Ulf’s question above.)

Thanks for your reply. I’ve been into Steinberg Activation Manager and the only programme listed is 5 Elements. I don’t really know where the SE version has disappeared to but Elements is activated.

Does the Activation Manager show the Elements license like

or like

Well, in my screenshots it’s about the Dorico 4 license, but that’s not decisive. With you it should show the grey button on the right side. If it shows the red button, then you need to click on that and thereby activate the license.