I put chord symbols in and it put them in a weird place for strings

How do I fix this? They’re also linked and I can’t delete one without deleting another. I’d be fine with the chord symbols above the strings specifically, but why was it placed in the middle of my cello part? When I inputted them, I did so above the flutes specifically because that was the highest part.

Also, is there any way to make it so that no matter which part layout i’m looking at, I can see the chord symbols?

In the left panel of Setup mode, right-click on the Double Bass player > Chord Symbols > Hide for all instruments.

The reason that they’ve appeared above the Double Bass is that by default, all Players are set to show chord symbols for “rhythm section instruments”. In some genres, Double Bass is a rhythm section instrument. This Chord Symbols menu is per player, in order that, for instance, if you have a doubler who’s playing both Guitar and Violin, the chord symbols only show when the player is playing Guitar.

And yes, chord symbols are indeed global (system) objects by default, though there are ways to input local chord symbols too.

There’s also an option in Layout Options > Chord Symbols to show chord symbols above the top of the system. You could select all layouts in the right side of the Layout Options dialog, then Apply this setting to them all in one go.

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this doesn’t seem to work for me? I did this, and when i go to my horn layout the chord symbols are not above the horns.

Layout Options are layout specific. Are you sure you’ve applied this to the correct (horn?) layout?


Can you attach the project itself, or a cut-down version of it with just a few bars of music, so that we can take a look?

Last Dungeon.dorico (1.0 MB)
here you go. thank you!

Also, when copying and pasting entire sections, how do I also easily copy and paste the chord symbols? I can’t seem to grab those?

It looks to me as though that Layout Option won’t work if none of the players in that layout are set to show chord symbols at all. I’m not sure whether this is something project specific, or something that’s always been like this, and I don’t have time to check just now but I’m sure someone can follow my lead.

As to copying and pasting whole passages: use the System Track to make system selections before copying and pasting. It’ll pick up Chord Symbols, Tempo markings, System Text, Rehearsal Marks etc., in addition to staff-attached objects (notes/chords/staff text etc.)

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what is system track and how do i use it?



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