I raise the issue of Cubase 12 pro

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I bought Cubase 12 pro a few days ago.


  1. The first question

You must enter the Activation Code in the eLicensor Control Center

Where can I get this code?

  1. Second question

Successfully installed version of Cubase 12.

However, I have installed some virtual instruments, but Cubase does not recognize them.

Of course, it can be run independently in a standalone version, but I want to get a virtual instrument from Cubase.

Please refer to the attached screenshot.


No, you enter the code the Download Activation Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant.


  1. The Activation Code stats with 0240 and it goes to the eLCC. If it’s a Download Access Code, use our in your MySteinberg account.

  2. From the screenshot, you didn’t install instruments, you installed sound libraries. These are available in the HALion Sonic SE. You probably didn’t install it.

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It is now called HALion Sonic 7. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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AFAIK you don’t even need the eLicenser Control Center if you only use Cubase (Pro) 12 and its content.
The app called “Steinberg Activation Manager” handles your license.