I really am desperate for help please =(

First, i realize this is the wrong side of the forum but i really couldn’t figure out where the ‘help’ section was. i must be blind or somthing.

The problem i am having is that i can get any input from my G2Nu to my Cubase Le5 software. I have updated my G2Nu, i have the correct driver software, the input bus’s are correctly selected and the outputs as well. I’ve done everything the instruction manual has told me to do but i cannot record with my guitar no matter how hard i try.

So this is my last final try, to post my problem here, because i am so frustrated right now, ive been at this thing for hours. All help is greatly appreciated and i can post pictures of whatever is on my screen if you’d like.

Thank you - Xander

You’ve done the following?

  1. Created an audio track
  2. Set the input of that track to the corresponding input of the G2Nu
  3. Hit the “record arm” button on the track
  4. Hit “record” on the transport panel

Most of the forums here are “help” sections.
This particular board is for issues related to the forums, not the products.

i have done that, the thing is i get absolutely so signal of any kind to Cubase. i go to my recording devices and the zoom recording mixer is receiving my guitar signal but for some reason it i’sent transmitting it to Cubase.

You may want to re-post this in the “Cubase LE 4, 5 & 6 | AI 4, 5 & 6” forum.

You’ll get more traffic there.

Thanks, ill try there then =)

When you say ‘Zoom recording mixer’, do you mean something other than the G2nu? Did your Cubase software come with an R16/24 or a H2 or H4? If so, you need to be clear whether you’ve set up the Zoom recorder as a recorder or as an audio interface for your computer and Cubase. If my guess is right, then persevere, because the Zooms work very well with Cubase as audio interfaces.