I really am desperate for help please =(

The problem i am having is that i can get any input from my G2Nu to my Cubase Le5 software. I have updated my G2Nu, i have the correct driver software, the input bus’s are correctly selected and the outputs as well. I’ve done everything the instruction manual has told me to do but i cannot record with my guitar no matter how hard i try.

the thing is i get absolutely so signal of any kind to Cubase. i go to my recording devices in the control panel and the zoom recording mixer is receiving my guitar signal but for some reason it i’sent transmitting it to Cubase.

So this is my last final try, to post my problem here, because i am so frustrated right now, ive been at this thing for hours. All help is greatly appreciated and i can post pictures of whatever is on my screen if you’d like.

Thank you - Xander

UPDATE: I narrowed it down to the problem being that i can’t use the audio driver “Zoom G series ASIO” which is the one that i really would like to use since it has the best quality and lowest latency.

Have you downloaded the correct ASIO driver for your OS (you don’t say what OS) looks like version 1.1 is the latest although confusingly under that is V1.0.2 for Vist/W7 64 or V1.1.2 for Vista/W7 32? Id still go with V1.1

And remember to plug the zoom into the USB before launching Cubase otherwise it wont be detected, and do not use a USB 3 socket.

Oh and when using the ASIO driver, all sound will now come out of the Zoom unit so you will need to monitor through that.

You think posting twice is going to help?

C’mon now, Yer Mom III, Xander is clearly stressed out to the max, and giving him or her a pasting is not a way to make a newbie feel welcome on this forum. On top of that, in his first thread, he was advised to re-post into this part of the forum.
I recall feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of getting started, so Xander, you have my sympathy.
Have you enabled monitoring as well as record enable on the audio track you’ve set up?

BTW, today I just finished reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Recording With Cubase”. Borrowed from the library. It’s written for Cubase 4, but most of the information appears to apply equally to LE5. Although I’d printed off the whole user manual for Cubase LE5 and read most of it, the Complete Idiot’s guide is friendlier.

The learning curve is steep.

Well, if he’d have taken a deep breath before whining, he’d maybe have read the Stickies and solved his issue with the minimum amount of tears. :wink:

In all honesty, when I was very distressed at the time of my first postings, I really didn’t see that there were stickies. (In fact, I just googled the term to check that my interpretation of your post was correct). Perhaps the visual layout of the forum doesn’t make that overt to new members. In any case, in states of anxiety we often miss even the obvious, and don’t have the luxury of time to lurk in a forum and see how it works.

I’m not too sure exactly, i know that i updated my Zoom G2Nu to V1.1. thankyou for helping though =) its greatly appreciated.

I was thinking earlier of getting a book to help me, i’m sure there’s quite a few out there. Also, i have enabled monitoring on my audio track. It just seems to be that i can’t use my Zoom G series as my audio driver, even though i did update it. thank you for for suggestions =)

I did read them, in the end it didn’t help me solve the issue that i’m having. i spent around 4 hours yesterday trying to solve this to i had plenty of time to “take deep breaths before whining”. I also wouldn’t cry over something like this, in not 5 years old. I’m just trying to setup this up so i can enjoy recording my music. Forums are very new to me as well, i don’t know how most of this works, i just figured out how to quote people.

That was my fault.
He originally posted in “forum issues”.
I didn’t expect the mods to be that fast in moving the thread, so I told him to post here.

Wasn’t this forum a much better place when Nate was offering OP’s solutions instead of vexing them?

Check out https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=10051

To respond, or not to respond?.. It’s certainly too late for xander…

but joek0558, thanks for pointing to the “stickie”. Perhaps a more thoughtful and considerate approach at the outset might have seen someone do the same.