I really hate to say this but ...........

it’s a moog app . absolutely criminal , I think anyone making these app’s should be brought up in front of the I.H.R.C.C for war crimes


Isn’t that like a year old at least? I’m sure I’ve seen that before.

well maybe some people haven’t been as unfortunate as you :smiley: … still worth posting for others :wink:

It’s one of my favorite apps. The blade style controllers are extremely expressive.

Yep, sacrilege, I am sure good old Bob’s been turning in his grave. Give it to capitalism for turning a legend into a fad iMoog. Actually they should’ve called it iMoogle instead. Could have been an interesting court battle. :slight_smile:

Did you look closely? Pretty sure old Bob is happy as hell with this. Its an official Moog product and a TEC award winner. Sales support his legacy. Moogmusic does a lot of licensing and development and seems to do a god job in keeping awareness of Moogs contributions alive.