I really like Cubase 8...but...

Hi there.
I have upgrade to Cubase 8. :slight_smile:

Today I spent all day playing with it and I found couple of bug which seen to be really odd.

  1. When I have a third party plugin (MASSIVE) always on top I cannot mute, solo or activate monitor in any other track. I have to remove the plugin from the top and then do the action mention above.

  2. This one is bad…

I was experimenting with the new Bass amp and when I go through the presets Cubase simply crash (freeze). I have to force quit the application and restart the computer. I cannot even restart the Cubase. I have to actually restart the computer. :open_mouth:

So I cannot use BASS AMP at all.

I am on windows 7 64bit. CUBASE 8 64bit.
Third parties VSTi:

thank you

Hi Leonard_A,

both issues have been reported numerous times already (please use the search function of the forum to find those reports) and both issues will be fixed on the first maintenance update.


I did search it but not luck. Sorry.

Hope the maintenance came out soon.


When the first maintenance update will be release?

Its not fair on us release Cubase 8 with such bugs.

Good luck on fixing it and please don’t take too long.