I really like revelation!

Just wanted to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by revelation, sounds just right for the sort of music I make.
I was not expecting to be care about another reverb, but it just works really well for me, especially on my drums.
All in all, 7.5 update has been great, seems faster on my system, the only thing that is really bothering me still is too much clicking , but other than that, I am really enjoying 7.5, well done Steinberg!

Glad to hear positive comments on REVelation.

I am quite surprised that it is not mentioned more often in the forums. REVelation may not be the most versatile logarithmic reverb out there, but what it can do, it does veeeery, very well. Very airy, very roomy and transparent, not overly “realistic”, so absolutely perfect for pop stuff. Also very nice slight coloring of the sound. Simply one of the best reverbs on the market for that character.
I was recently thinking about buying Breverb after demoing it, but found it too expensive. I would say that REVelation is worth the 50 Euros for the 7.5 update alone.


I really like it too… I normally use the Lexicon PCM plugins for artificial reverb but REVelation is terrific too… I especially like the gated drum presets as I still use lots of gated reverb on drums… Speaking of which, is Ronald Reagan still the US president and is Madonna still a virgin?

I’m not entirely sure Madonna ever was a virgin. :confused:

Looking forward to trying this reverb, especially after reading this thread.

  • 1 from me for REVelation, I was pleasantly surprised, thanks Steiny :sunglasses: .


yes it is a very nice reverb but it’s a shame there is no dll file or vst 3 file to wrap for automap :unamused:

Anyone know who Steinberg bought this reverb from?

Anyone know who Steinberg bought this reverb from?

They didn’t. The HALion team developed this 'verb as part of the effects package for HALion and Halion Sonic ages ago. They re-purposed it, added modulation controls and gave it a VST FX wrapper. It’s a good addition.

I think Steiny hired the guy who developed the Wizoo Reverb product (stereo and 5.1)

Thanks weasel and ferencz good to know.

As one of the dozen or so Nuendo users I have no access until q2 next year. :wink: Still, having demoed it in Cubase I was shocked by how much I liked Revelation on many sources.

So far it’s been my go to Ambience Reverb, sounds great for putting drums and other rhythmic elements in a common space. I’m sure I’ll find more uses as I dig in, it just sounds really good. Gives a good sense of space without washing out the mix. Perfect!

I’m not entirely sure Madonna ever was a virgin. :confused:

Looking forward to trying this reverb, especially after reading this thread.[/quote]

ROTFLMAO!!! and +1

Did someone compare the REVelation with REV-X (the ones that comes with the UR series)

I compared them, REV-X being my all time favorite room reverb. revelation sounds very different and I like it a lot. the ER control makes it useful for close mic recordings that need a little space to sound more natural. I still prefer Valhalla vintage verb for the bigger stuff, but that could change I have to spend more time with Revelation to be shure.

Very nice, super versatile reverb - esp. when modulation is involved - as noted above, surprised there hasn’t been more hype, given the current reverb mania everywhwere.

I just thought I should add some reverb two or three times since C7.5 and spotted this new thing in the list so I thought “WTF, why not?” Every time I said "heeeey!!! :sunglasses: " to myself so I’m definitively going to scrutinize this thing more.

That would explain it as Wizzo was awesome!

I still use WizooVerb2 with jBridge, it works ok. I have several highly regarded reverbs, convolution and algorithmic, and W2 still stands up. Great piece of software, not cheap, but what a shame ‘they’ stopped developing it further, x64 would be great!.