I really would like to see clips

I know I know… Ableton. But Ableton has some wonderful things. The main things I would like to see in cubase are clips with loop features. Ableton is genius for this. If cubase adopted some of Ableton’s ideas it would be a beautiful thing and I truly hope it happens in the next major update

I’m working with Ableton Live for my Live Performance and i know exactly what you mean BUT Cubase in not a live performing tool (yes you can of course but with many workarounds).
Think of that, Cubase is a DAW like Ableton in Arrangement view. There you can not have the loop and many other feautures like in Session view, for clips.
I don’t say that it would’t be a nice feature but its useless for recording/mixing/mastering and i don’t think Steinberg is targeting for Live performing.
Of course you request is welcome by me.


Clips are for live performance. Ableton is focused for live performance, cubase is for production.

While I usually let ideas go that don’t coincide with mine because I know other people have different needs, for this one I must disagree. Cubase is a different kind of DAW and it’s already so massively loaded with many, many, many layers of things that I don’t want it to have something else complicated to break.