I register with cubase, I am a French

Hello, is it possible to have your opinion on my cover of ben the uncle soul on the song of soulman?

I take singing classes and I would really like to improve

I would like to know if I sing just or false and if I sing in rhythm or not?

I am motivated to work even more my song

What do you think ?

Iā€™m just a beginner :slight_smile:

I register with cubase 7.5 artist and I love having fun mixing with cubase
I added a compressor, a delay and an equalizer that on the track FX

I would really like to have your opinions regarding my recording if it is of good quality if it is not for what reason and to know if it is well to mix if it is not for what it is not terrible?

Concerning my song I work with a teacher of singing and one can all alone on my side working my breath

Excuse me but I sing in French because I am a French

Thank you ā€¦