I resolved Yamaha driver problems (dropouts) (UR242, MG12XU)

Hi, hope this will help someone.
My story in short. More than a year back. Bought UR242, plugged into USB port 1, installed driver, all works okay. Bought Yamaha MG12XU, plugged into USB port 2 (both are USB 2.0). System automatically took existing driver from hopefully the same place it’s taken for USB port 1. Naive me! I had dropouts on MG12XU, but not on UR242. Interesting, isn’t? If I exchange cables and insert UR242 into port 2 and MG12XU into port 1, then all was okay.

The time was ticking away and more than a year I had updating Yamaha driver, but dropouts always stay stable on USB port 2 for MG12XU. Also I realise that when I start my PC and Windows10 is almost loaded, Task Manager shows that he is working on system disk and it continues almost 5 minutes, sometimes less. I didn’t connect both issues.

Until yesterday when I computer goes mad and dropouts was killing my time wherever I plug my MG12XU. At last Cubase refused to work with MG12XU, but still no problems with UR242. As a last possible move I opened Devices and Printers - it shows both speakers, one for UR242, second for MG-XU, but it has a big red dot with X on it. Something went wrong, I supposed and after trying to reinstall/find newest driver, which didn’t help, I brutally removed MG-XU speaker from the list - rightclick and Remove Device. Then I switched off and on my MG12XU, it took newest driver and now I don’t have any problems - computer starts very fast, system don’t hang on checking system disk at startup as I described and I don’t have dropouts on MG12XU.

So, question is:
If we update Yamaha driver while using only one Yamaha/Steinberg hardware plugged in, does it ignore driver connectivity for other USB ports? (stupid question, but it seems so!) Everyday I use UR242 as main soundcard, but sometimes for record sessions I use MG12XU.

Maybe there is something like repository of old drivers on system? Yeah, it has, because we have function “roll-back” to previous version. So is it possible that USB port 2 uses old version of driver because I don’t use it when updating to newest?

Anyway this was good opportunity to learn something new - not like composing in C Maj :wink:

Resume - if you have dropouts, remove device logically while physically it is plugged in. This somehow refreshes Windows understanding of what it has actual. IMHO :slight_smile:

And… Excuse me for my poor English. I’m Latvian and never learned English except tutorials and Youtube, of course :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend to all you!!!

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Hello Arthur
I just read your post as I too am having dropouts using the Yamaha MG12XU and a software sound processing tool called Breakaway One ( [Download – Breakaway One.

What I am curious to know was how did you delete your drivers? By going to the Programs control panel and deleting there or from the Device Driver (where btw I cannot see the Yamaha Steinberg driver). I am running Windows 10.0.19044 Build 19044).

Hi! Open Computer Management (This PC → (rightclick) → Manage) and the driver for Yamaha should be in “Sound, video and game controllers” section. Rightclick on it and select Uninstall device.

Since 2019 when I wrote this there are newest versions of driver and many has problems, so probably you should read forum to seek if there are all problems fixed. If not, install version from last year. Sorry, I’m out of regular dislocation and don’t have installations here, I can point to right version later this week.

When in doubt (or if nothing else works) remove each driver (do this one at a time) and install the latest driver from vendor’s site (careful to not take drivers from the open web as you have now idea if it has been messed with).
I have worked with (and for) Microsoft for a large number of years.
Also, it is a good idea to totally re-install Micrsoft Windows every few years …I am on 10 64-bit currently and about to move to the 11 release (God save us all).
I am also contemplating getting a Mac so I can run Logic Pro. Anyone else on this forum ever get Ableton and a Roland-08 working in DAW mode. Frustrating to say the least.