I resolved Yamaha driver problems (dropouts)

Hi, hope this will help someone.
My story in short. More than a year back. Bought UR242, plugged into USB port 1, installed driver, all works okay. Bought Yamaha MG12XU, plugged into USB port 2 (both are USB 2.0). System automatically took existing driver from hopefully the same place it’s taken for USB port 1. Naive me! I had dropouts on MG12XU, but not on UR242. Interesting, isn’t? If I exchange cables and insert UR242 into port 2 and MG12XU into port 1, then all was okay.

The time was ticking away and more than a year I had updating Yamaha driver, but dropouts always stay stable on USB port 2 for MG12XU. Also I realise that when I start my PC and Windows10 is almost loaded, Task Manager shows that he is working on system disk and it continues almost 5 minutes, sometimes less. I didn’t connect both issues.

Until yesterday when I computer goes mad and dropouts was killing my time wherever I plug my MG12XU. At last Cubase refused to work with MG12XU, but still no problems with UR242. As a last possible move I opened Devices and Printers - it shows both speakers, one for UR242, second for MG-XU, but it has a big red dot with X on it. Something went wrong, I supposed and after trying to reinstall/find newest driver, which didn’t help, I brutally removed MG-XU speaker from the list - rightclick and Remove Device. Then I switched off and on my MG12XU, it took newest driver and now I don’t have any problems - computer starts very fast, system don’t hang on checking system disk at startup as I described and I don’t have dropouts on MG12XU.

So, question is:
If we update Yamaha driver while using only one Yamaha/Steinberg hardware plugged in, does it ignore driver connectivity for other USB ports? (stupid question, but it seems so!) Everyday I use UR242 as main soundcard, but sometimes for record sessions I use MG12XU.

Maybe there is something like repository of old drivers on system? Yeah, it has, because we have function “roll-back” to previous version. So is it possible that USB port 2 uses old version of driver because I don’t use it when updating to newest?

Anyway this was good opportunity to learn something new - not like composing in C Maj :wink:

Resume - if you have dropouts, remove device logically while physically it is plugged in. This somehow refreshes Windows understanding of what it has actual. IMHO :slight_smile:

And… Excuse me for my poor English. I’m Latvian and never learned English except tutorials and Youtube, of course :slight_smile:
Have a nice weekend to all you!!!

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