I rolled back to 8.10 here is why, and it's better now

For the old timers here on cubendo forums it just seems to me there was the pre Cubase major mixer overhaul era ( up to 6.0 , I believe ) where things were much more stable and the post era , cubase 7 & 8. Anyhow Maybe this post can save some one time.

With 8.3 I experienced:
Projects open with no audio sound ( old or new ) about once out of 10 times.
Alt Clicking on folder to change color crashes Cubase on occasion.
Cubase crash on closing projects 90% of the time.
Error message on project load that lexicon Reverb PCM has not …sorry forget the rest …
BSOD when loading large project templates, however I isolated this to kontakt 5 with sables strings as the possible cause, however , BSOD went away with 8.10 and checking override of buffer in kontakt setting, increase to 256kb.

With Cubase 8 I notice an overall performance soak via vst performance meter which runs 25 65 % most of the time, and yes I get that’s it’s not a CPU meter but it’s unsettling. Asio guard makes everything worse in my case so it’s off.

Anyhow. My new water cooked i74790k 4.0 + 10 % over Clock with 4 SSD and a m2 ssd for projects is now meeting my expectation with 8.10, running 512 latency with new motu avb 16a which sounds stellar BTW.

Luckily I am in between film projects now but I lost a record amount of time troubleshooting since 8.20.

Me too mate - Just seems everyone is having performance issues with C8 but reading through here not everyone seems to be having the same experiences, really strange. I rarely have any crashes but my performance meter takes no time to peak out and cause playback stuttering. Seems like this is all related to how Cubase is interacting with the other elements hardware and software. I’ve hit the wall where I can’t even work so I’ve had to contact support, pretty slow communication, but hopefully there’ll be an answer for us all soon… perhaps with C8.5… I hope!