I said that i would come back !! CC121 Controller

Hi For
Home Studio Musicians.Great solution
I have returned after purchasing the cc 121 controller from Absolute Music , Bournmouth ,UK.
It is a breeze to set up and mine was already updated. Well at least to 2016.
You check the update by the pattern of colours on the buttons as per manual.
Yes ,I had to crawl under my desk again doing double jointed manoevers to thread the power supply and USB lead up to the beasty. OUCH!! Me poor o’l Back!! :smiley:

Once putting in the disc for the Yamaha driver and tools you are away and it works immediately.
It is a match made in heaven with Cubase.
Do not bother with Faderports and Studio one’s controller or Behringers.
Who needs multiple faders when you can easily scroll between tracks and you can control all VST 3’s controls , Soft Synths and effects by hovering your mouse over a knob or slider with right hand and controlling on the CC121 with the left. No more programming knobs or sliders to control.
Transport controls all great even dropping markers.
I am still decorating the house at the moment and i will have a look into automation later.
Here in the UK Andertons sell for £319 and most places will price match.
Thomann sells the controller for £350 or near…

This is well worth the money as it is very well built and sits comfortably next to your typing keyboard.
The Germans know how to build quality. " I am the operator of this pocket calculator"! dip dip didilliidip!! :smiley:
Also there are no newer controllers from Cubase in the pipeline and was told by support we should be ok for the next four years or so.
As long as Yamaha keep updating their drivers , there should not be any problems and i think the Yamaha driver is the same for keyboards made today ,so that is good news

I can recommend this unit 100%

All the best
John :smiley:

Wrong forum though…

It is (GENERAL,meaning It covers a multitude of things) an answer to what some wanted me to come back to them on.Also it is to do with Cubase 10 in the now!! 2019
Why are people so pedantic.

Its PEDANTIC :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jim B

WELL!!! Sausages then!!! Mr Awkward!! :laughing: :smiley: :blush:

Gotcha!!! Mr Grumpy!! :smiley:

I wished that i never bothered to do this thread waste of space!!

No thank you John!

Agreed with vinark… Johns thank you for the feedback.

Regards :sunglasses:

To Vinard and Prock
Big thanks for your feedback.
I was only trying to help others and i give a big thumbs up to the guys that helped me make my decision.
This machine gives you a simple and fast workflow allowing you to get on with music.

All the best

Ps, Do not worry it has gone over my head now.

I appreciated the review, was helpful and informative. Thanks!

No it’s not wasted space at all! Don’t let ‘some’ people discourage you from sharing. Thanks for this valuable information!
Did I mention I already nominated ‘svennilenni’ for the ‘GRUMP of the year’ award?

+1 for the Review. It’s as good a place for it as any given the ‘vague and generalized’ organization of steinberg.net topic areas.

What would be the ‘correct forum’? There aren’t that many options here…many topics are intricately interwoven, and thus valid in several of the ‘topic areas’.

If these ‘moderators’ are going to bother to comment, why not at least offer a link to the forum they “believe” it should be posted?

Perhaps this one? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=209
Or this 0ne? CC121 - Steinberg Forums

Then again, the topic categories that are provided by steinberg.net are awfully broad/vague, as the particular topic areas above says nothing about “Cubase”. Neither of them have a “Product Review” sub-section. So, one could just as easily go over there and gripe at people asking questions about Cubase, or Nuendo, or HALion, etc. “Wrong forum, this is about Computer/studio Hardware! Not Cubase!”

See, there is no section in the forum for, “Controller’s for Cubase 10 Pro, Product Reviews”

In short, don’t blame the users if a poster feels he has something to ask or contribute and it gets put in the wrong ‘forum’. Frankly, there are not a lot of sub-divided and specific ‘topic areas’ here at steinberg.net. The ones that are present are rather broad, and vague.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been visiting official Steinberg forums for well more than 20 years. In the past, official moderators would sometimes MOVE posts; however, the rude complaints about very valid and ethical posts have never been as frequent, nor as vague and useless. Oh well…I can ‘ignore them’. Perhaps they could be courteous enough to return the favor and ‘ignore’ posts they don’t like or agree with…or…offer a valid ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION.

Some of us have invested many thousands of dollars in this enterprise over the decades, in part, because of a friendly and helpful user community. Sometimes our questions and answers are misinterpreted, and such is life!

We stick with Cubase because nothing else on the planet offers the depth and degree of true Legacy Support in our professional and home studios, while also pushing the bleeding edge of newer technologies. It is a HUGE database of information, with topics that easily expand into multiple phases and areas of discussion.

Collaboration is essential…and simply saying, “Wrong Forum” isn’t very good ‘collaboration’…oh well…ignore it next time OP. Most of us appreciate your post :slight_smile:

Probably trolls posting in the interest of competing enterprises who wish to damage the excellent, decades old Steinberg user communities. Such trolls have a goal to disrupt comfortable collaboration among user communities. They want you to be afraid to post, or to make it such an uncomfortable negative experience to post that you’ll just go away, and the community will gradually fade away.

People are NOT machines. People don’t collaborate like machines. Trolls from competing interests know it…some of them just might be here with an intent to ‘do damage’. The user base, and its shared collaboration about the product are major assets. Competitors want to destroy that asset.

Oh, you are harping on that string again…
Be assured, over the years I have probably helped at least as many people here on the forums and via teamviewer sessions, than each single one of you smart and helpful people. You might not always like the way I do that, but that‘s your problem. Do as one of you advised me in later post, and „just ignore it“. See - not so easy sometimes.

@OP if you are overly sensitive about people not sharing your opinion, you should maybe think about if posting in public forums is right for you.

@Brian Roland: The Cubase forums are to

A CC121 review is quiote obviously best posted in the CC121 forums, or maybe the hardware forum. Obviously there are plenty of people who seem to understand that system, even though there is mot subforum named like their specific problem.
And no, I wonˋt give a link to the forum I believe it should be, In my opinion, people who are old enough to post here, are old enough to find out themselves, (although more often than not this forum proves me wrong) simply by thinking first.
And finally: I too have spent thousands of € though, not $, and so itˋs also my forum, so just like you are allowed answer on my posts you donˋt like, I can also answer on posts I donˋt like and are against the rules.

OK, I should follow my own advice and ignore this, and after this final post on the topic, I will.

I also hope OP (and the rest of us) ignores the public “Wrong Forum” posts in the future as well…after all, his post IS ABOUT Cubase!

I think it’s important to make a few points however…

“Quite Obviously” he is talking about setting it up for, and using it with his version Cubase. So there’s that. Perhaps ‘not so obvious’, is a presence of an online community that has been around for a long time. Questions about our experiences with these interfaces when combined with Cubase pop up all the time, right here the main Cubase topic areas. Sometimes point blank requests for opinions or reviews of using specific bits of kit with Cubase.

“Quite Obviously” he took the time to CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING to a community that many might find helpful. So there’s that. His ‘sensitivity’, is only part of what is at stake. A valued contribution being made to the community is more important than 'one or two individual’s interpretation of ‘the rules’.

“Quite Obviously” a number of forum users see the post, and the location of the post as being “Valid and Ethical”, as well as within the guidelines and rules of the forum.

If those who “interpret the rules” wish to treat people like machines, while contributing nothing to the discussion other than individual ego and will over where posts belong, despite the place being hosted via a very broadly/vaguely categorized forum system…then so be it. People will shift to different forums, and perhaps even different products.

If the official moderators start getting that nit-picky, and insulting the users in the process, the community will slowly dry up. People who simply want to ask questions, or help others with their questions, will stop contributing to the pool. Why bother if someone is going to lecture them about, "If posting on a public forum is ‘right for you’.

In contrast, if the official moderators care about PEOPLE, and happen to also desire better categorization of the topics and threads, then they can QUIETLY MOVE posts where they want them to live, and have the system set up so it informs the user of why it was moved (thusly training the user on where to make such posts in the future, without bullying or insulting them). It takes less effort, and is far less insulting/aggravating than attacking users in public.

If you don’t have the authority to ‘move posts’, as an official moderator, well…enough said. Take it up with an official moderator. Let him or her deal with the public relations aspect of ‘correcting users’ on ‘forum protocols and rules’.

‘svennilenni’ is not a moderator but technically speaking he is correct. It should be posted in the hardware forum (https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=209).
But I’m (won’t! be) not that strict in this. ‘svennilenni’ has been a valued member for long time and has offered lots support in the past but nowadays mostly seems to pop up in cases like this? Not really offering support but mostly telling people how to behave in this forum?
Which of course is theoretically correct but in practice not very helpful to the OP.

Thanks Nickeldome,

I have no personal axe to grind with ‘sevennilenni’. He can post as he wants, and I’ll ignore it if it’s not useful to me. If I ‘quoted’ him somewhere in my rants above, it wasn’t intentional. I’m ranting about the 'spirit of community, and collaboration. The rules in this case are vague, and interpretation of them is rather subjective.

I decided to chime in because I’ve just seen more self appointed moderators of late. Personally, I tend to ignore it, so I only chimed in to encourage the OP to ignore it as well if he finds it ‘offensive’, unless of course, it’s from an official Moderator.

Obviously some of these critics don’t have an interest in the content of the thread, so why post to it? If anything, it just ‘bumps it’ back to the top of the pool/cue. If people aren’t interested and posting to the thread, it makes its way lower and lower in the initial hit list by the hour, eventually fading into places so deep you’ll have to run a forum SEARCH to find it.

I’ve also gotten a number of PMs regarding ‘self moderating’ and accusations of ‘hijacking threads’, while also getting far more PMs saying, “That was cool! Now I see that I was asking the wrong (or not enough) question(s) for what I was trying to do. Tell me more about how that works for you? Got a screen shot of that? May I borrow a sample template/project?”

Thus my propensity to go ahead and post a lot of stuff (alternatives/work arounds/etc.) that seems to ‘some’ like ‘off topic junk’. There is a cognitive construct behind working with apps like these. Often times a simple change in work-flow, or trying a different tool, is easy and fruitful. Why try to force a square peg into a round hole when you have a round peg right in front of you? Well, some users don’t know they have that round peg avilable, and it’s why they come here.

So many things about DAW and Sequencing apps are inter-connected. Work-flow options are relative to the gear we connect, the styles of music, producers vs educators, pros vs hobbyists, target audience for finished projects, and more.

Someone might ask, “How do I force my DAW to oscillate a certain band in my EQ VST with an LFO generator?” “Technically”, Id be OFF-TOPIC to suggest in the same thread using a simple notch filter plugin, with the built in LFO instead. It’s still a ‘valid and ethical’ solution. It’s still relative to the task at hand, but ‘technically’ it’s ‘off topic’ since it’s not specifically answering the initial question of trying to force the DAW to automate/pump a given control. See how that works?

The critics in question don’t seem to understand that PEOPLE don’t always ‘think alike’, and that ideas or questions don’t always fit into categorical boxes that are arranged identically for all learners. Good collaboration processes don’t always fit in neat little boxes.

“Technically”, the OP of this thread had something that he specifically wanted to share with users of Cubase 10, so he posted it here. “Technically”, the post was just as much about Cubase 10, and Cubase 10 users, as it was about the CC121.

Now…do I agree that a sales pitch, with information on where it was purchased from, price, etc…would be better in a different place? Yes, I do…it irks me a little personally, but for whatever reasons, the forum doesn’t provide a thread for product reviews and vendor plugs of this nature. Also, I am not an official moderator. Steinberg gets to make the call on if they want the post ‘moved’ or ‘removed’. They have technologies to ‘move the post’, and follow up the action with well worded information that is less likely to alienate or insult the community member.

Not ME. I don’t have those tools…so I’ll choose to ignore some things (I can moderate and filter in my own mind), or to try my best to make a positive contribution to the thread.

Obviously thatˋs your personal subjective opinion. Nowhere do I tell the OP how to behave on this forum (thats Brian Rolandˋs approach, to tell the OP where I think he should post). I simply made a remark that this is the wrong forum.k

I have a CC121.

The EQ knobs are vertically opposite of their onscreen counterparts.

The LEDs don’t stay on, like the ones in the marketing images.

And the drivers - which could add these options - have not been updated for years.

Am I missing something?

PS. This relates to Cubase forum because it is about integration with Cubase requiring software revision, rather than the CC121 hardware itself which, like OP said, is well built and can’t be changed.