I screwed up my dlls

Not only that, Kontakt and Superior 3 are among them so I’m dead in the water.

Not really telling us much…

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Anyhow, it seemed to happen after I hit reset in vst 2 plugin path settings. I thought it should be easy to fix, but I just got in deeper. I started by uninstalling and reinstalling Kontakt, Then I figured just add the path (c:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit) to the dll in the plugin manager and rescan. Nope, That didn’t work. There is a version of Kontakt available, but not the latesty one I just installed and several of my goto instruments won’t run in it. So what happened? The dll for the latest Kontakt is indeed in the directory pointed to by the path I added to the plugin manager (the file is dated Feb 16) , but Cubase doesn’t pick it up. How do I fix this? I did a couple of restarts but that made no diff.

And just so I can understand this better, tell me, are VST3s not managed by the Plugin Manager? It says that the Path Settings are only for VST2s. If so how do you add in a missing VST3? Usually I try not to mess with this stuff, but sometimes shit happens and you have to clean it up.

This is about losing some key plugins while messing around in the plugin manager.

Unlike VST2 where there was no path dictated by the standard, which resulted in every developer using a different path… All VST3s now go in the same place →

C/program files/common files/VST3.

All VST3s goe there, everytime. If that’s not in your plugin paths, add it.

I did. The problem is still there. For me the first order of business is to get the latest version of Kontakt (6.5.2) to come up in stead of the old version I’m seeing (6.1.1) The new dll is definitely in c:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit. I added that path to the plugin manager, but Cubase is still pointed to the old one. Who understands this? Sure not me.

you installed two different versions of Kontakt 6 to different locations?

Apparently. I’m doing a full analysis of my plugins and where they live. Will post when I have done.

The plugin manager shows you in which folder the respective plugin is installed.

Seem to have it straighteneed out now. Tedious work but in retrospect it needed to be done, now I have more confidence in my resources. A couple of terabytes of samples to use.